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Have you ever noticed that these natural environmental sounds are far better than music?  It’s because these are an integral part of human life.  Natural sounds play an important role in controlling one’s emotions and feelings. Sound, specifically environmental sound, has a straight connection to the human mind and soul. With the advancement of electronic technology, people are now able to record these environmental and natural sounds and listen to them afterwards. These recordings can be an asset to the sentiments of a being and are really important.

A person may have recorded a speech, a dialogue or even a loved one’s sound of laughter and listening to that takes the person back to that moment. But the sound of a bird chirping or a cool wind breeze passing by, or maybe a running stream of water, these are moments that are barely noticed but once it is captured through sound, offers a certain feeling of awe in us.  We were once one with nature but over the years, our sensitivity towards nature is no longer active and these little moments that touches the heart slipped from us every day.  But with the right technology, we can once again capture and cherish these moments that bring us to our inner self for evaluation and realization.

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Natural Environment Inspires Tai Chi Teachings PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 01:56

Tai Chi is simply known as meditation in motion and it has been proven to be of value in treating or preventing many health problems.  This Martial Art from China has been adapted by many people around the globe as a natural healthy way of exercising and living life better.  Although Tai Chi is slow and gentle and doesn’t leave you breathless, it addresses the key components of fitness such as muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic conditioning.  Proprioception, the ability to sense the position of one’s body in space, declines with age but Tai Chi helps train this sense which is a function of sensory neurons in the inner ear and stretch receptors in the muscles ligaments.  Click here to know more about Tai Chi.


Music Tips For The Perfect Outdoor Wedding PDF Print E-mail
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Deciding to conduct a wedding outdoors is always a good idea. With the right planning and good weather, a couple is set good for a comfortable and nature-friendly wedding to remember. Like any other aspect in wedding planning, acquiring events music services is a must. Music service options for outdoor nuptials may slight be different with indoor setup. However, the main difference that organizers must focus on is sound system. Whether you hire a wedding DJ Brisbanecompany or a string quartet, as long as the sound system can overpower any possible outdoor noise, then you are good to go.


Regardless of music options decided on to play at an outdoor wedding, the secret is to finding the appropriate sound system. Whether it will be a garden, park, or beach wedding, getting the right equipment makes up for all possible problems. Usually, traffic noise and wind become a problem in outdoor wedding. Setting aside that the location is somewhere far from traffic, since it is really not a good idea to get married with city noise overpowering your vows, all it takes is a strong speakers that can play clear and loud music from any of your chosen musicians. An iPod speaker can never work in outdoors, even though it can get pretty loud indoors. Same thing with sound systems that are used indoors and outdoors, what could work indoors might not work outdoors. Feel free to check out and ask your organizers or supplier if the provided sound system has already worked for outdoor weddings in the past.


Whether it will be a disc jockey or a live band to perform in your wedding, the organizer must already foresee the loudness or possible interruptions that may occur. Hiring DJs for outdoor weddings can offer a good option since the sound system can work well with the equipment. Other formal options such as harps or string quartets, a stronger sound system is necessary. Guests must be able to listen to the melody and rhythm of the music and not just waves, noises, and other city interruptions.


In conclusion, the quality of the sound relies on the sound system. Try testing options prior to making decisions. Even for the priests and the couple, a good microphone and sound system is necessary if you would like your visitors to hear you express your vows instead of the children running around.

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The Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Smoking PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 19 October 2012 00:00

A lot of smokers are outraged when you try to tell them just how disgusting the habit really is. Probably the best way to keep people from smoking in the first place is show kids a full ashtray when they’re still in school. Let them get a whiff of what it smells like and make it clear to them that the stuff in the ashtray is only a small fraction of what’s deposited into your lungs when you smoke cigarette after cigarette, day after day for several years. There’s nothing glamorous about smoking and it’s far from cool.

Thinking about the environment

If you’re a smoker, it’s obvious that you don’t care too much about your health or the health of anyone around you. If you can’t muster the willpower to quit smoking cigarettes by thinking about the possibility of getting some type of horribly painful cancer, maybe you should start thinking of the environment. People throw cigarette butts out the car window as they’re driving in the mistaken belief that cigarette filters and paper can’t do the environment any harm. It can. Cigarette butts kill wildlife, degrade the appearance of our fair cities, and leave a mark on our planet that will not soon fade. For a better idea of the effect of cigarette butts on the environment, take a look at the below picture.


Not a pretty sight, is it? For the animal lovers out there, the above is simply an artist’s rendering created to illustrate a very disturbing point. No animals were harmed in producing it. It should give you a pretty clear idea of what you’re doing to the environment, though, every time you decide to “light up”. Here’s something else you might not have realized: tobacco smoke contains a number of greenhouse gasses. One cigarette can’t have much of an impact, no, but can you even imagine the amount of smoke 65.7 billion cigarettes would produce? That’s how many cigarettes are consumed each YEAR. Over the course of just one decade, the impact on the atmosphere can be staggering.

Now, let’s consider an environmentally friendly alternative: the electronic cigarette. When you smoke a traditional ciggy, you’re left with a “butt”. When you “vape” an e-cig, you’re just left with a satisfied feeling. If you’re diligent about recycling your old cartridges, you might wind up with two or three small pieces of plastic to dispose of each year. More importantly, e-cig vapour doesn’t contain greenhouse gasses (or anything else besides nicotine for that matter). If that doesn’t make you want to invest in an electronic cigarette, nothing will.

Make the switch to a “greener” lifestyle with E-cigs

Environmental friendliness seems to be a growing fad these days. More people are joining the cause for the social benefits it brings than the environmental awareness that it promotes. Ah, but the reasons why someone might turn to a more environmentally acceptable lifestyle aren’t really important. After all, a tree doesn’t care why it’s being planted; it’ll grow and prosper regardless. If you think you have to be rich to be an environmentalist, you’re wrong. You don’t have to lay out a million dollars like Leonardo Dicaprio to help save the environment. All you have to do is care a little.

So, what’s the first step to becoming an environmentalist? Believe it or not, the very first thing you have to do has less to do with the environment and more to do with yourself. You have to dig deep and make a conscious decision to protect the environment – even when that means sacrificing personal comfort. In order to be a good steward, you have to have the right attitude. Developing that attitude should be your first goal. Once you’ve done that, the next step should literally be as easy as typing with your keyboard and clicking a few links.

You’re Almost There!

This is the part where things get interesting. If you’re a smoker, go online and read a few electronic cigarette reviews. Try to decide on a good starter kit that suits your needs and find a store that offers good prices and customer service. Thanks to Google, this step should take no more than an hour. When you find an electronic cigarette supplier that you like, place an order. The transition from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is seamless. Since e-cigs are virtually identical to cigarettes in the way the feel and taste, you won’t even miss your old cancer sticks.

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A blocked household drain is harmful to your health.  Needless to say, experiencing blocked or clogged drains will not only cause nasty smell, but nasty problems to your home’s structure. Without an immediate solution, molds and mildew may form and tamper with the air entering and circulating inside your home. Living with blocked drains will only make your home plumbing a dirty breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease causing insect pests.  This explains why blocked drain Sydney cases are immediately resolved by professional plumbers.Keeping the home plumbing clear is essential in keeping a clean and healthy living condition for your family.


Majority of health issues arise because of clogged drainage system in homes.  In most cases, the drain lines get clogged, which tend to become a host of unwanted materials like grease, scum, hair, food, etc. Refusal to get the problem immediately fixed will only make the problem worse as dry, wet and moist areas are excellent breeding grounds for all disease-causing organisms and pests. As a rule of thumb, solution must be given at the first sign of blocked drains. It is better to get them checked and cleaned immediately to prevent more serious problems that are more difficult and expensive to fix.


Every conventional drain cleaner uses sodium hydroxide or also known as caustic soda or lye, it is a man-made chemical used for its corrosive properties.  The substance is not considered as pollutant, but it is an irritant that can burn skin and inflame nose, throat, and respiratory airways.  This substance when ingested will most likely induce vomiting, chest or abdominal pain and making swallowing difficult.  So for those who prefer to a safer and natural alternative solutions in managing blocked drains, here are some useful suggestions:


●     Pour a handful of baking soda mixed with half cup of vinegar down the drain, and follow it quickly with boiling water, this should free up clogs as well or better than sodium hydroxide compounds.


●     Another solution is to choose any number of enzymatic biological drain cleaners on the market today.  These make use of a natural bacterial and enzyme mixture to open and keep drains clear.  These are non-caustic and it will not facilitate combustion.


●     Install a small screen atop drain which will help keep hair, lint and other clogging elements out of the pipeline.


●     Try pouring boiling water to flush out waxy or oily debris. Do this on a weekly basis to keep your household plumbing clear and clean.


A good cleaning and maintenance regimen is the best way to prevent clogged drains. With these simple suggestions, you can sure prevent blocked drains from happening.

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